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    Webinar: A Manager's Guide to Crisis Leadership

    Webinar: A Manager's Guide to Crisis Leadership

    Webinar: A Manager's Guide to Crisis Leadership

    by Bruce Blythe

    Don't be blindsided! You can lead through the unexpected --  no matter what the crisis. This is Bruce Blythe’s promise in our Soundview Live webinar A Manager’s Guide to Crisis Leadership. Blythe uses real-world examples to help you absorb the specific leadership skills, split-second decision-making, and essential character required to manage all aspects of any crisis humanely and well. Once he's grounded you in the gritty realism of response in the moment, Blythe walks you through creating a crisis preparedness program.

    What You'll Learn

    • Crisis Response - Blythe places you in a simulation as an unprepared manager blindsided by an active shooter loose in your building.
    • Crisis Preparedness - Blythe then guides you and your teams to analyze foreseeable risks, evaluate existing controls, add new ones, test and re-evaluate a realistic Plan.
    • Crisis Leadership - Crises can make or break leaders and based on 30 years' global experience, Blythe cites examples/case studies to demonstrate what top-notch leaders would say and do during and after a disaster.
    • Quick responses with detailed checklists for managing 9 major incidents.
    • How to address victim's families - dos and don'ts for communicating tragic news with empathy and dignity in person and through representatives.
    • How to support employees in returning to work and productivity after a disaster or workplace violence.
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