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A Powerful System for Achieving Breakthrough Career Success
by Brian Tracy & Campbell Fraser

AMACOM © 2005
224 pages, ISBN: 978-0814472484

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A Powerful System For Achieving Career Success

With numerous words of wisdom for improving yourself, your field, your productivity and your business, coaching experts Brian Tracy and Campbell Fraser present a complete personal coaching program in TurboCoach. Filled with tools, exercises and stories that offer the building blocks of a personal strategic plan, TurboCoach creates a complete foundation on which readers can develop the knowledge, skills, habits and activities that can take them to the next level of business success.

The first part of TurboCoach describes a process for helping the reader gain clarity in his or her personal life and business life. Each chapter begins with probing questions that encourage the reader to focus on a specific aspect of him - or herself, and ends with an exercise that helps him or her apply the answers to daily life.

Your Personal Strategic Plan

For example, the first chapter, "Create Your Personal Strategic Plan," starts with the questions, "In the past six months, have you given any thought to setting specific career or business goals for yourself?" and "If you have set goals for yourself, do you have a schedule for achieving them?" The chapter ends with an application exercise that includes questions such as, "What is your career or business purpose? Whose lives does your career or business serve?" and "What one goal, if you achieved it, would help you the most in realizing your ideal career or business vision?" By asking these types of questions, and providing the guidance that drives readers to answer them with purpose and direction, the authors help readers focus on their goals and contemplate a broader perspective of themselves.

The second part of TurboCoach shows readers how they can increase their productivity. The tools the authors offer include 11 keys to increasing productivity, Pareto's Law (the 80-20 Rule), zero-based thinking, effective delegation, the power of leverage, Ricardo's Law of Comparative Advantage and the Parthenon Principle. This last principle can be summed up in the simple sentence, "Small improvements in multiple areas can result in large improvements in results." The authors write, "Like the Parthenon, your career or business is also supported by pillars, each of which is central to its integrity and survival." If you want a career or business that is built to last, then you must base it on rock-solid principles. As each pillar is strengthened in a small way, the durability of the entire structure changes dramatically. The authors point out that improvements in just 10 percent of each of the core systems of a business — sales, service, pricing, promotion, referrals, productivity and profitability — will virtually double the productivity and the profitability of the overall enterprise.

Grow Your Business

The third part of TurboCoach, "Grow Your Business," provides readers with seven essential strategies to increase revenues in any organization. These are:

  1. Make more sales. Expanding your customer base is the best way to do this.
  2. Sell more often to existing customers. Look for ways to increase the number of times you sell to an existing customer in any given period.
  3. Sell something else. Ask yourself, "What else would my customers buy?"
  4. Make larger sales. How might you increase the dollar size of your average sale?
  5. Increase your price. Increasing the perceived value of your offering can justify a higher price to your customer.
  6. Make more profitable sales. Knowing the profitability of your individual customers and products can be a key to increasing net revenues.
  7. Reduce your selling costs. Examining your sales process is the first step to doing this.
Once this base is in place, the authors describe ways to increase customer satisfaction, build business through referrals, create a marketing plan and create a personal brand. Their laws of personal branding include rules on specialization, leadership, personality, distinctiveness, visibility, congruence and persistence. They explain that the time and energy anyone invests in building a powerful, personal brand will pay huge dividends because people will trust him or her and willingly accept his or her suggestions and recommendations.

While describing how to maximize an organization's profits, the authors explain the importance of habitually examining the profitability of employees, customers, sales and marketing initiatives, products and markets, and show readers how they can develop the discipline to become an industry leader.

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