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Find Your Leadership Superpowers and Abolish Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

Date: Thursday, November 15th - 1PM ET
Speaker: Carlann Fergusson

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In Carlann Fergusson’s book, The Insightful Leader, she encourages readers to stop the nagging self-doubt that they aren't good enough. Fergusson brings the same concepts to this Soundview Live webinar. Attending will help you in your personal journey to raise your emotional awareness and executive presence in order to become the leader you know you are capable of being.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to banish nagging insecurities about your effectiveness and worthiness as a leader
  • How to discover your leadership superpowers and embrace the gifts that you bring to your company
  • How to unravel why you get defensive with certain people or certain circumstances
  • How to eliminate those cringe-worthy impulsive interactions that could lead to career suicide
  • How to claim your incredible strength and position power without worrying about being egotistical or manipulative

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About the Speaker:

Carlann Fergusson spent 30 years in leadership at global and national companies helping leaders and organizations reach their potential. Always skilled at seeing patterns and synthesizing information she began noticing similarities in not only what made someone destined for leadership but what also limited them from becoming the leader they aspired to be. Carlann applied this to help hundreds of leaders become more insightful and strategic. Wanting to make a positive impact not only to more leaders but also to the organizations they manage, she shares this knowledge through her writing, speaking, coaching and teaching.

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