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The Power of Awareness in Business and Life

Date: Thursday, September 20th - 1PM ET
Speaker: Bob Rosen

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Let’s face it: Our current approach to change is running out of steam. And the cost of unaware people is too high to pay. In this age of acceleration, we need a fresh approach to living and leading.

Bob Rosen’s book, Conscious is our wake-up call – to be aware, awake, and accountable. In this Soundview Live webinar, Rosen explains that nothing is more important than understanding ourselves, our relationships, and our surroundings. Being conscious helps us think deeper, learn faster, and collaborate better. The more conscious we are, the faster we adapt, and the higher performing we become. Conscious is the new smart.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to go deep and discover your inner self
  • How to think big and see a world of possibilities
  • How to get real and be honest and intentional
  • How to step up and act boldly and responsibly

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About the Speaker:

Bob Rosen is the founder and CEO of Healthy Companies International. Bob is a trusted global CEO advisor, organizational psychologist and bestselling author, who has long been on a mission to transform the world of business, one leader at a time. He founded Healthy Companies International over twenty years ago to help top executives achieve their leadership potential and build healthy, high-performing, and sustainable companies. 

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